10 Things about Jeff

map1. Jeff has been to 49 states.

(most of them in a tour bus). The only one missing is Hawaii. He loves to travel. His favorite city in the world is New York City, but San Francisco is a close second. When asked where have you been, Jeff often responds, “It’s easier to tell you where I haven’t been”. Jeff did over 1500 concerts with his former band Big Daddy Weave and traveled with another band two years prior to that.
2. Jeff has performed in front of over 50,000 people at one time.

This crowd was in Dallas, TX at the KLTY Celebrate Freedom event at the South Fork Ranch. He looked for J.R. Ewing but didn’t see him. Though the crowds range in size, Jeff doesn’t let it effect his message. Whether there’s 50 or 50,000, it’s all the same. He gives his all every time he speaks.

3. Fall is Jeff’s favorite time of year. Jeff would prefer the weather to be 70 degrees year round. “I love being uncertain as to whether or not I need to take a light jacket with me. It’s a great dilemma to have”. Living in the deep south in Mobile, AL, Jeff has developed a love/hate relationship with humidity. Having traveled extensively, Jeff wouldn’t mind a cooler climate, but being within 15 minutes of he and his wife’s immediate family is a hard thing to trade.

4. Jeff does a mean Aaron Neville impression. Only under certain circumstances can you catch this rare performance, but be prepared, it’s beyond funny and beyond description. When Jeff met Aaron at the Dove Awards a few years ago, he was tempted to share this gift with Aaron, but he was too nervous. Jeff always says “There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love Aaron Neville and those who hate him.” To say he has a very unique voice is to make an extreme understatement.




5. Jeff’s favorite food is Pizza. He has visited some of the most famous pizza places in the U.S. and considers John’s in the Village in NYC to be the best. However, when in Chicago, Jeff likes to frequent Giordano’s. When Jeff was single and in college, he had a pizza pan that he used often. This pan was known to all of his friends as one of Jeff’s prized possessions. When he got married, be passed it down to one of his groomsmen to carry on the tradition. (the truth is Jeff’s wife wouldn’t allow it in their house. It had seen better days)




6. Jeff used to be a wedding DJ. He has DJ’d over 50 events and parties. This helped prepare Jeff for the demand to be prepared for almost any circumstance. He never knew what he would find on the dance floor. Jeff loved most the pressure of having to pick just the right song. When he chose wisely the dance floor would be packed. The alternative would often result in him cutting the lame choice in half. “After a while you learn the standards that everyone likes”.

7. Jeff’s hobby is traveling. Having played Drums for Big Daddy Weave, an international touring act for over 13 years, Jeff has grown accustomed to “seeing the sights”. While he was a member of the band, he spent an average of 140 days per year on the road. Mostly being limited to seeing the hotel and the venue only, on rare occasions Jeff would venture out and see the country. “Getting to see all of the things  I read about as a child was amazing. Now I can tell my kids about the places they are discovering in school for the first time. It’s amazing the treasures we have in the United States”.

8. He is a night owl. Jeff would stay up until 2am if he could. This is a habit carried over from life on the road. Now he knows the early bird gets the worm. While on the road with the band, he would often get back on the bus at 1 am. Needing a little time to unwind, he would then go to bed around 2am. This was a hard habit to break when he made the transition to life at home, but one that he welcomed gladly.






9. Jeff was once featured on a national country line-dancing show.  Just out of college, he was into line dancing. He landed a spot on a line-dancing squad and later that year also made the finals of a country music singer/songwriting contest. Moving to Nashville was an early ambition of Jeff’s. “One day we may still move there, but for a much different reason. I long for climate with 4 actual seasons and a large airport to fly in and out of”.


10. Jeff has a life long dream of going to auctioneer school. “I want to lead an auction before I die, but only if I can do it right, with the proper auctioneer technique. It’s always fascinated me”.