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Giving a "piece of his heart" while talking about dating

Giving a “piece of his heart” while talking about dating

“Having played the drums for 28 years with several bands, including Dove Award winning contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave, I discovered I had another dream that would not be denied. is a look into my life exploring the many experiences of life on the road as the drummer with Big Daddy Weave and the way those experiences have developed me into the speaker, entrepreneur and author I am today”.

Jeff started speaking to groups, whenever possible, while on the road with Big Daddy Weave . He also started a custom drumstick business in February of 2009. He started with one client and a budget of $500.00 and set a goal of 25 clients by the end of the year. He was blown away to exceed his goal only 8 months later! He currently works with over 85 clients, including Casting Crowns, Hillsong United, 311 and many more.

He has an extreme passion to teach others the principles he has learned that can enable them to have a more fulfilling life. Recently after Jeff spoke to a group of students, this is what was said of the event: “My students were captivated. Jeff’s talk was real, relevant, dynamic, and inspiring. My cell phone was flooded with text from students after he spoke about how they were determined to make W.I.S.E. choices in their lives. Jeff was a catalyst for change in my students.”

Jeff Roberts
South Coast Church

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Here is a sample of Jeff speaking to a group of students about making decisions that matter:

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Below are a few things you may not know about Jeff, told in his own words-

-Sometimes we have to learn what we don’t want to do in order to find out what we do want to do. That knowledge comes from life experiences-

At the ripe age of 39 I can say I have certainly had a lot of life experience. I’ve had more jobs than I can remember. From the age of 16 I have been gainfully employed. I’ve had jobs from all ends of the spectrum. I’ve listed them in order to the best of my memory.

Private drum teacher to over 30 students per week for 17 years, beginning at age 16.
Cashier and bag boy at a local grocery store.
Salesman at J. Rigging’s clothing store.
Janitor for a cleaning service.
Salesman at a bookstore.
Assistant at a university library.
Assistant for the financial aid department of a university.
Assistant for the music department of a university.
Day camp counselor at a summer camp for kids.
Voice-overs for a local recording studio.
Waiter for a national restaurant chain.
Copyright assistant at a major Christian music publishing company.
Played the drums for numerous hotels and restaurants.
DJ’d over 50 private parties and dances.
Production assistant for a audio/visual company.
Office assistant for a real estate company.

I had the following jobs through a temporary agency during and after college:
Service department at a finance company.
Inventory for Sears Department Store.
Inventory for a local hospital.
Passed out food samples at Sam’s Club.
Answered phones and filed for an Investment firm.
Sold cell phones at different retail locations.
Made outgoing sales calls for a small advertising business.
Dipped Ice cream for a local ice cream store at a business convention.
An assistant at two local retails store fixture auctions.

What did I learn?

I can clearly remember my thoughts as I was working at many of these jobs. I knew most of them were simply a means to getting me to a “better” job. I’ve always had the mentality of perseverance. It didn’t matter what it was, I knew I could do it if it got me to the next level. The problem most people have in taking this approach is they never really “get there.” What are you working for? Is it more pay, better benefits, better hours, etc…? I had to do some soul searching to really find out what my motivation was. I discovered it through having several jobs, meeting lots of people, and making different amounts of money. I knew at the end of the day what really mattered to me was being able to look myself in the mirror and know I was doing what God had created me to do.

I’ve made job choices based only on the money that I would make. I’ve made job choices based on my qualifications, location, and social pressures. Then I realized that there was so much more at stake when making a job choice that I had not considered. What kind of life did I want to have? That is really the question that I should have been asking. So many of us make career choices based on criteria that really don’t matter. When I’m 65 I don’t want to look back with regret and wish I had served God more, spent more time with my family, or had more fun. I want to look back over my life and know I did the things that mattered.

*****For even more about Jeff, here is the bio from his Custom Drumstick website that tells of how his company was established.

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Talking about my book, “Drumming Up Business-To the Beat of My Own Drum”.