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Jeff enjoys speaking to students as well as adults. He’s available for Corporate events, Office Retreats, Team Building Events, Disciple Now weekends, youth retreats, conferences, camps, and other events. He can share with your group about- Following Their Dreams, Making W.I.S.E. decisions, The Enemy of the Best is the Good, and Life After Graduation. He also enjoys sharing with others through stories and lessons he has learned over the last several years with Dove Award winning band Big Daddy Weave.

Giving a “piece of his heart” during his talk on dating

Follow Your Dreams- He walks through the journey he has taken with Big Daddy Weave and encourages the audience to believe in themselves and take the necessary steps to begin the process of daily walking in their passion. Also included are lots of “inside” stories from the road.

W.I.S.E.-WISE stands for “What I Sacrifice Everyday.” Jeff talks about the daily sacrifices required to truly be successful. “We live in a world full of “average” people living “average” lives”. Jeff challenges the audience to think before they act. Each little sacrifice they make ads up to big accomplishments in the future.

The enemy of the Best is the Good- He walks audiences through the choices they make on a daily basis and explores whether they are choosing the best or merely the good. “We all can choose the best”.

Life After Graduation-Jeff walks students through the realities of the “real world.” He discusses the competition faced by students when companies outsource to other countries. He shares how to become indispensable as an employee and how to set yourself apart from others.


Below Jeff is speaking with a group of students on making decisions that matter-


Here is what others are saying:

“Agents are still talking about it. We all really enjoyed it and Jeff is such a natural at it. He kept everyone’s attention and it was full of information. I really can’t wait to see what his future holds!”

Erica Elia, SRES, SFR
Managing Broker
Roberts Brothers West Real Estate Agency
Mobile, Al.


“Jeff has a unique way of communicating to students about the realities of the road ahead as they graduate school and begin life in the “real” world. Jeff was energetic and kept their attention with stories of life on the road with his band Big Daddy Weave.”

Kathy Dean
Director of Media Relations
University of Mobile
Mobile, Al.


“My students were captivated. Jeff’s talk was real, relevant, dynamic, and inspiring. My cell phone was flooded with text from students after he spoke about how they were determined to make W.I.S.E. choices in their lives. Jeff was a catalyst for change in my students.”

Jeff Roberts
South Coast Church


“Jeff connected with the students about making W.I.S.E. choices and what
it takes to be successful. All of my students were deeply impacted and
are excited to hear Jeff speak again”

Jamie Lugo
Citronelle High School Health Teacher


“God has gifted Jeff with a creative imagination and the ability to connect with people. He will be a blessing wherever he goes! Jeff fills the room with energy and brings a spark of new life to everyone. Our group loved his insight”

Kenneth Purdom
Youth Advisor
Highland Park Baptist Church

Here is a short clip of Jeff sharing about how to bring about change in your life:


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