The Moment I’ve Been Waiting For All Summer

little league trophyMy job description is hard to put into one sentence, much less one paragraph. I even find it hard to put into a short conversation and feel sorry for the poor soul who asked the question. However, over the summer I feel as if I came to a conclusion as to what I actually do. I can finally sum it up with one short sentence: I Start Things.

Two weeks ago I started another thing and I’m glad I can finally share it with you. This has been a dream of mine for about 2 years. After working with a manufacturer’s creation, I am finally able to launch Bat Trophy™.

little league trophyMy goal is to offer a replacement for the traditional Little League trophy. So many are disappointed when they finally get their hands on their long awaited prize at the end of the season. I wanted to offer something that would not merely sit on a shelf, but would serve as a conversation piece, be played with, shared and passed down to the next generation as a keep sake.

What 9 year old wouldn’t love to have this? For the first time you can now have a trophy that is 3 things in one: A Trophy, a removable bat and a team photo.

I would love it if you would spread the word to any team coaches or team moms and let them know about Bat Trophy™. You can visit my new website at for more details and see more photos.

Starting at $15 per trophy, it’s an incredible deal that will give players something to look forward to and something they won’t simply “sit on a shelf”.